About Blink



Rebekah Gainsley has a master’s degree in social work and has also studied architecture at the master’s level.  Her interest in how people express themselves through style and design has led her to work with people from all walks of life. Rebekah tries to strike a balance between running her own interior design firm in Austin and running after her two spirited children. She is committed to helping clients tell their own story and feel confident about the design choices they make.  She likes to think her enriching life is worth her outstanding loans from the University of Michigan and the University of Texas-Austin.


Bill Coscarelli graduated from Indiana University with a doctorate in Instructional Systems. He then joined the faculty at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. He has lectured in Holland, England, Ireland, China, Russia, and Egypt among others and has consulted with 54 global organizations. He is author of the Decision Making Style Inventory  and helped develop The Facilitation Skills Inventory. He also co-authored  The Guided Design Guidebook and Criterion-referenced Test Development for Corporate Training: Technical and legsl Issues—now in its third edition and winner of three professional awards.

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